Credit Unions' business lending must evolve or risk being “disrupted” into extinction.

Small Business Lending: A New Frontier For Credit Unions

It is no secret that mountains of investment dollars are pouring into digital business lending at a rate never seen before. In a post-COVID environment, this trend has only become amplified. From deep-pocketed banks and independent lenders to upstart online Fintech brands like SoFi, BlueVine, Rocket Mortgage, Funding Circle, Kabbage, LendingClub, Quicken Loans, the small businesslending community is investing billions of dollars in digital lending technology to deliver the mobile and online borrowing experiences that business owners have come to expect and enjoy.

The digital lending investment payoff is massive.

Expect huge gains in member expansion, loyalty, and profitability, happier Credit Union staff with more time to serve your members, greater reach into “underbanked,” underserved small business, and more easily generated, comprehensive audit trails.

And it’s far easier—and far more affordable—than you think.

Going digital with Capiform’s configurable SaaS-based digital business lending platform is the only solution that ensures your credit union's digital investment doesn’t require expensive software development resources or extensive implementation periods.

Let us walk you through a demo of Capiform…you won’t be disappointed!

Capiform is a SaaS based, comprehensive, fully-configurable digital lending platform enabling financial institutions to embrace the digital lending age at their own pace. Capiform allows lenders to automate and digitize as much of their lending process as they are comfortable with and without the hassle, time commitment, risk, and expense of designing and building the technology in-house. Digital-Lending-as-a-Platform™ Your Brand. Your Credit Model. Your Customers. Our Platform.