Webinar: Future of Small Business Lending with Capiform

In this episode of our ongoing webinar series Capiform CEO, Sherif Hassan, explores the what the futures holds for merchant finance lenders.

  • Covid-19: A Black Swan Event For Merchant Finance
  • The Future of Merchant Finance
  • Merchant Finance Portfolio Analysis: Industry Focus


Sherif Hassan is a recognized member of the financial technology community and is at the forefront of business process architecture. Tasked to create a funding advisor program, Sherif helped build an alternative business lending startup into the industry’s first publicly traded company, contributing over $400 million of the company’s first $1 billion in sales. Mr. Hassan has trained more than 10,000 professionals in over 500 sales offices nationwide.

Mr. Hassan is regarded a thought-leader and has been invited to address such topics as product development, underwriting algorithms, fraud and the future of credit. Sherif has been granted several copyrights for his works on Alternative Lending.